[GENE] ♠ Broken & Alone

♠ for wentbackto1973

Gene had been working an undercover sting operation alone. It had been going well. He was so close to catching the bastard scum but somehow everything had gone wrong. A high speed pursuit had ended in disaster when Gene's car was rammed, flipped and all but crushed the man inside.

By the time he had been taken to the hospital he was in a bad way. But by the time the station were informed of the accident he was in a considerably better condition - a few busted ribs, a fractured wrist, cuts and bruises, concussion and a broken ankle. All in all he'd had a very lucky escape. And the best part? He hadn't been driving the Cortina so his baby was perfectly safe and unharmed.
[GENE] ♠ Broken & Alone

♠ for wentbackto1973

Gene was well and truly fed up. It was supposed to be a routine sting operation. Catch the criminals and be home in time for tea. But oh no, things were never that simple, were they? Nope. Gene had spent the past few hours in the hospital having a flaming bullet removed from his shoulder. Of course, Gene being Gene had made sure the bastards were well and truly nicked before going to the hospital. And even then he'd only gone to stop Sam nagging like an old washer woman.

He was in pain and he wasn't allowed to drive. It was a bad day. All he wanted was to go home and get drunk.
[GENE] ♠ Unbreakable Lion


Gene was absolutely knackered. It'd been a long day - no, scrap that, it had been a long few days. Kidnapping case - especially when children were involved - were always draining both mentally and physically. Gene hadn't even bothered going to the pub, that's how exhausted he was.

He didn't have the energy to cook, so he'd bought chips. He didn't have the energy to make a cup of tea so he'd bought scotch. He hung his coat up, kicked off his shoes and flopped onto the sofa. God, it felt good to be home.
[GENE] ♠ All Hail The Mighty Quattro

Back to the Eighties ♦ with believewhichone

The operation had taken weeks of intensive planning. Every detail had been worked out so precisely. The whole thing had to run like clockwork, or that bastard cop killed would slip through their fingers again. Sam Tyler would've been impressed by the sheer amount of planning, preparation and by the book nonsense Gene and his team had gone through. But Sam wasn't here.

The Quattro sped down the street in pursuit of the target. So close. So close to bringing that scumbag down and throwing the book at him. Gene could practically taste justice.